Letters from the Flood: Stories Wanted!

Did you experience an epiphany or a transformation as result of the September 2013 floods? Did you perhaps find something long lost to you, or get reminded of something important? If so, I’d like to hear from you.

I experienced a small flood in our home’s lowest level, nothing life threatening, but bad enough to destroy all carpet and to force the removal of drywall and insulation from the lowest 2’. And bad enough to ruin all the books on the lowest shelves (of which there were many) and decades’ worth of treasures that were stored in cardboard boxes. Before I did anything else, I began grabbing the treasures and saving what I could. Nearly every picture I own was in those boxes, and most survived by spreading and drying. Many papers and letters were not salvageable, but in amongst the destruction, I found a letter I had written my mother from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, in August 1990. The Soviet Union still existed as a single nation, and I had just returned from a 5-week trip to the arctic regions of the Taimyr Peninsula. In those days before the Internet, before laptops and tablets, before smartphones, I took out pen and paper, and while I waited for my flight, I wrote my family a 9-page letter trying to give them some sense of what I had experienced. I had completely forgotten that the letter existed, but I felt like I had found gold.

A few days after my discovery, a voice whispered in my ear: “Letters from the flood. See what others have found. Hear their stories, too, and give them voice.” One month after the flood, we held a luncheon – Letters from the Flood – at Highland City Club. We ran over our allotted time by nearly 45 minutes as people shared artwork, songs, memories long lost and now found, and their own flood stories.

I am creating a book from these stories –  Letters from the Flood: Stories, Science, and Spirit of Rapid Transformation. If you found something long forgotten or lost in boxes during or after the flood, or had a life-changing experience as a result of the Colorado floods, I hope you will contact me through my website – http://marilyndwalker.com – and consider sharing it as part of this collection. I make no promises about the book’s future, but I’m passionately dedicated to this project (and have a long list of publications). Through our shared stories we help everyone through this amazingly powerful transformation.

Originally published on http://marilyndwalker.com as Letters from the Flood: Stories, Science, & Spirit of Rapid Transformation

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