Welcome to Positively Brilliant Stories

Welcome to Positively Brilliant Stories, home of stories about Positive Brilliance. I created this site as a first important step in building a dream – creating an anthology of stories about Positive Brilliance,those moments in life where it all comes together.

What exactly do I mean by Positive Brilliance? You’ve probably used the phrase yourself, right? As in, “Why, that’s positively brilliant!” In that case, positive is being used as a synonym for “very much”. We say “absolutely brilliant,” “quite brilliant,” “extraordinarily brilliant,” and so on. In this context, however, I mean positive, as in the opposite of negative.

“Brilliant” is an interesting word,  because it simultaneously refers to light as well as to intelligence. In my mind, positive brilliance refers to moments of deep insight.

OK, the truth is that I’m still figuring out what Positive Brilliance really is.The name just came to me, with a very strong conviction that I should go out and gather stories of Positive Brilliance, and create a book about this. You can read more about me here, about why I think I am qualified to do this, and why I am driven to do this.

I’d love to know what it means to you.

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